#205: Logan

Logan - Silver Screen SnobsAfter 17 years it’s Hugh Jackman’s last outing as The Wolverine, X-Men Origins: Wolverine or, more simply put, Logan. Tom and Dave review that because it’s a movie. Also: The Girl On The Train, Yoga Hosers, Re-Animator, The Thing, Overnight, The World According To Garp.

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Why Days Of Future Past Invalidates Every X-Men Movie


Time travel movies aren’t easy to get right. Be too fastidious with the science and you risk alienating your audience, ignore too many of your own rules and you risk distracting them from the plot and characters.  Most continuity issues within Days of Future Past itself come from it being a prequel, not a time travel film. In fact, the film actually handles its time travel elements better than most, it just makes casualties out of the earlier films in the process.

So somehow preventing Trask’s death and having mutants save the President (from a scarier mutant) means that the dark future inhabited by genocidal Sentinels never happens. One of the worst narrative travesties occurs when the Sentinels are introduced. In 1973. Which would mean they would have been hunting and killing mutants, growing more and more advanced with every upgrade ever since 1973. All the way up to the dark future time period. 50 years of mutant slaying. Odd that no-one mentioned them in X-Men 1-3 or the Wolverine movies. I guess they weren’t very good at their jobs until recently. Continue reading →

Episode 79: X-Men: Days Of Future Past

X-Men Days of Future Past - Silver Screen SnobsParty Time! X-Cellent! This episode we try and unravel the continuity of Fox’s X-Men franchise with an in-depth review of X-Men: Days of Future Past supplemented by a look at the X-Films that have come before. But before we set phases to geek there’s news and a look at the new Terry Gilliam project: The Zero Theorem. Will Byran Singer’s return elevate the material or bury it under a ret-con sea? Only time will tell. And us. We shall also tell.

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