A Satanic Reading of Spring Breakers

Warning: here be spoilers.

Taking into account the combined power of all the bright, loud, disconnected edits in Harmony Korine’s latest offering, I found plenty to hate about Spring Breakers. Then, of course, there’s the repeated dialogue snippets (if characters say it over and over again it’s got to be important – right?), the obnoxious soundtrack and the murky sexual politics.

I could forgive all these creative choices that give form to this dream-haze odyssey if it weren’t for one thing: I hate the story, too. Character motivations are completely non-sensical so there’s not even a solid narrative to hold onto. There had to be something I missed. So after a lot of thinking, I’ve decided the only way the film makes sense is if you accept this simple truth: Brit and Candy are demons sent from hell. Continue reading →

Episode 27: Spring Breakers, Mister Lonely

springbreakersLove him or hate him, Harmony Korine’s films are at least conversation starters. This week we review his latest, Spring Breakers, alongside his 2007 Michael Jackson look-a-like movie, Mister Lonely and 2009 VHS nightmare Trash Humpers. Also reviewed: Spellbound, Evil Dead, Side By Side.

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