Dallas Buyers Club lacks the strength of its convictions

Dallas Buyers Club purports to tell the story of the homosexual community’s struggle with the AIDS crisis of the 1980s, but does so through the perspective of that oh-so-marketable demographic: the straight white male.

After being diagnosed with the AIDS virus and given 30 days to live, Ron Woodroof sets about acquiring any medicine he can that may help him, even drugs that were not legal to sell in the US in 1985. He soon sees a hole in the market that can be filled by members of the gay community stricken by the epidemic and establishes the Dallas Buyers Club.

The Academy will no doubt give themselves a collective pat on the back for recognising this film, as they did when they rewarded Tom Hanks for his ‘brave’ performance as a gay man in 1993’s Philadelphia. Another film which skirts around the issue at hand whilst refusing to completely engage with it. Continue reading →