#188: The Accountant

The Accountant - Silver Screen SnobsBen Affleck is… The Accountant. Sound dull? Well, what if he wasn’t just an accountant but was also oddly good at extreme methods of violence? Dave and Tom review said movie plus the Super Smackdown returns! 1994 action movies go head to head to head as Speed vs True Lies vs Streetfighter battle to be Smackdown premiers. Also: Amanda Knox, Halloween.

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Episode 99: Tusk

tuskThis episode we answer the age-old question that has plagued scholars for centuries: is man really a walrus at heart? Hmmm…..(nods sagely) in this Halloween-y episode we dissect Kevin Smith’s new horror flick Tusk and Dave takes us back to a simpler decade, the 80’s, for his thoughts on Halloween III: Season of the Witch, with a cursory glance at other, much more Michael Myers-heavy Halloween films. Boo!

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