Episode 88: Hercules

Hercules - Silver Screen SnobsCan you smell what the Demi-god is cooking? Sorry, that’s awful, let me start again. Dwayne Johnson steps up to the role he was possibly sculpted from stone to play in Brett Ratner’s Hercules. Bizarrely, not even the first Hercules movie we’ve reviewed on the show. We check out Jason Bateman comedy Bad Words and see what’s happening with comic book movies (for a change).

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Silver Screen Snobs is a weekly film podcast with David Lees and Tom Roe covering new releases, movie news and more.

2 thoughts on “Episode 88: Hercules

  1. Hey guys, big fan of the podcast. I usually talk to you on Twitter but I thought I should try this E-mail thing. What happened with the whole youtube thing? I was really looking forward to getting a visual peak into the making of the podcast. Is it ever going to happen or have you scrapped that idea? In regards to your podcast, keep up the awesome job. Yours is the only podcast I find good enough to actually listen to every week.

    • Hey, Tobias. We did do a pilot version of the YouTube Edition but weren’t entirely happy with how it came out. We’re meeting with Jesse again in 2 weeks to work out how to make it relate more to the podcast and get a similar feel to it that we have during our regular show. I think the pilot version might see the light of day after we’ve debuted with a stronger episode! Thanks heaps for the kind words, we both really appreciate the support. Cheers!

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