Episode 81: Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow - Silver Screen SnobsAnother year, another Tom Cruise sci-fi action film. Will this one cut the mustard? Or will it throw the mustard against the wall and machine gun some alien in the face instead? Listen and find out in our feature review of Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow. We also assess the mustard slicing prowess of Creature from the Black Lagoon in a long overdue Classic Corner. The obligatory Star Wars/Marvel/Nerd news is also discussed. In short, a packed episode. Dig it.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 81: Edge of Tomorrow

  1. Maddie

    I suddenly have a theory about the ending!

    so, the Omega is the genesis of the aliens, yeah? The brain, which controls the “reset” power. So, in the end where Cage is dying, he combines with it, same as the Alpha earlier, and this time gaining the Omega’s powers has a greater effect, and in his dying moments, with his last scrambling thoughts he is the one who alters time so that the aliens are defeated two days beforehand, he has regained his Officer status, keeps his memories, and can stand before Rita again.

    • Hi Maddie,
      First off, thanks for the spoiler warning, we appreciate it.
      I think your theory is definitely the most likely explanation to *that* ending. However, it can’t compare to the more tonally appropriate and frankly, just better ending they had 5 minutes earlier. In light of all the internet angst over the happy ending, I do wonder who the studio thought this film was for. Surely a decision like that was meant to appease a wide audience at the cost of sacrificing a darker ending, not anger them.
      In any case, love or hate the ending, it’s can’t taint what is otherwise a hugely entertaining and enjoyable film.

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