#200: Top 10 Scenes of 2016, Moonlight

Moonlight - Silver Screen SnobsOscar nominations get dissected, Moonlight gets reviewed and then, to celebrate making it to 200 episodes, Dave and Tom discuss their favourite movie scenes from 2016. Spoiler sections: Finding Dory (1:43:30 to 1:46:32), The Witch (1:49:58 to 1:53:02), Rogue One (1:53:38 to 2:00:14), Bone Tomahawk (2:00:19 to 2:02:41), La La Land (2:02:42 to 2:07:47).

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Silver Screen Snobs is a weekly film podcast with David Lees and Tom Roe covering new releases, movie news and more.

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