#180: Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad - Silver Screen Snobs

Suicide Squad arrived this week under an avalanche of expectations. Can it rise above the toxic reception of Batman v Superman? Can it live up to the year-long hype machine that’s been dropping trailers like so many fresh beats? Can we finally stop hearing about Jared Leto’s ‘edgy’ (dickish) behaviour on set? Find out here!

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2 thoughts on “#180: Suicide Squad

  1. Oscar

    If you don’t like the white washing of “The Great Wall” with Matt Damon, find a safe space and use the cooling time to push the brakes on your virtue signaling overdrive.
    Don’t act like the two face Ana Kasparian, who likes to tell that she’s better than you and shame fat people, she’s the “journalist” from the Katar finansed, Armenian genocide denieing TYT network.
    Remember that your country has just abolished critisizing a notorious pedofile cult. Some virtue, sheesh.

    • Hehe. I’d try and rebut this but I can’t really make sense of any of it. Thanks for listening!

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