Episode 77: Bad Neighbours

Bad Neighbours - Silver Screen SnobsSeth Rogen vs. Zach Efron! The establishment vs. the guy without a shirt! It’s on! In Bad Neighbours, or Neighbors to the rest of the world. The age old US cinema trope of the frat house is revived again for your viewing pleasure. In this Mega-sode we also cover Are We Officially Dating? (That Awkward Moment), Zardoz, Labor Day (Labour Day) plus the fifth Paranormal Activity instalment in the Crap Corner. Plus soooo much news. It’s epically newsy. Enjoy!

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Episode 36: This is the End, Skyline

This is the EndIt’s that end-of-the-world time of year again! Seth Rogen and co’s This is the End is the feature, low budget alien invasion movie Skyline the retrospective. Also: The Thief of Bagdad, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!

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Episode 10: This Is 40, Knocked Up

This Is 40Back to our normal routine of news, classic and crap corners, honourable mentions and reviews this week. New release This Is 40 gets reviewed along with a retrospective look at the film that it is a “sort-of sequel” to, Knocked Up. Also reviewed: Wings, Take This Waltz, Dredd, Magic Mike and Hope Springs.

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