My Break-Up Letter To Quickflix

Dear Quickflix,

It’s over.

We had a good run, I’ll never forget the good times. Remember when we started? 3 Blu-rays out at a time – it was bliss. Your return disc turnover was a day, two at the most. I sung your praises, told everyone about your impressive library and no late fees. The honeymoon period lasted for months and I was content. Joyous, really.

There was a time when I’d suggest a movie for you to add to the collection and you’d oblige. Then one day, I guess I just stopped being important to you. Every suggestion I made you ignored. Then you started to remove titles from my queue. Sure, you assured me they were just going to my ‘reserved’ queue, but I knew they weren’t coming back. Guess I should be grateful you cared enough to lie. Continue reading →